Our Story

For some decades now, the worldwide movement Against Modern Football has been gaining traction. Against Modern Football is a subculture of football fans who are opposed to the direction in which the sport has gone and yearn for change. It is undeniable that the powerful actors in our great game have been abusing their position, and corrupt organizations and profit-driven corporations walk free, in spite of the mountains of accusations against them and the shady businesses that they run.

Against Modern Football spawned in continental Europe just after the turn of the millennium. it is a broad grassroots movement against the commodification in football which increasingly treats fans as consumers and the beautiful game as little more than a product. From particular, everyday abuses, to multi-million dollar scandals that span years and entire continents, the problems of the commodification of modern football have become impossible to ignore.

Stadiums were once filled with standing crowds, passionate supporters that wanted nothing more than to cheer on their players; now, the expensive ticket prices drive away the fans, the schedules are set to fit the interests of the corporations, the priority falls on maximizing revenue, and the fans' loyalty is constantly abused - the very same fans that made the clubs what they are in the first place.

Football supporters around Europe in the early 2000s, from Italian to Polish ultras started using tifos/banners to protest against the modernization of the beautiful game. One of the values espoused by those who fall into the Against Modern Football mantra, for example, is the relevance of supporter engagement, with some voices calling for more clubs to follow supporter-ownership models.

Footballers have become nothing more than financial investments, and football clubs will spend obscene amounts of money on them, in hopes of making that money back through merchandising and fans' exploitation.

And to top it all, the organizations that were supposed to protect and nourish the 'beautiful game', has become the worst of the bunch, the villains that sell tournaments for their own personal gain, in total disregard of the fans' needs and interests.

It's time all this changed. Against Modern Football is about recapturing control of the sport and its clubs for the fans.

We are againstmodernfootball.com, and we are here to stay!!